Satellite Meetings

The CSG Board, in collaboration with the Program Committee will consider applications to organize and present a Satellite Meeting during the weekend of the annual CSG scientific meeting.  Applications must be received by October 15 the year prior to the CSG meeting for consideration. The CSG Board decision on the application will be final.  Funding for the Satellite Meeting will be arranged by the CSG Board in concert with the CSG Annual Scientific Meeting budget. Suggested topics for the Satellite Meetings include Epidemiology, Veterinary, Immunology, Most Unusual Clinical/Veterinary Cases, Soil/Environment, Symposium of a Clinical Topic such as joint involvement by cocci, cocci in pregnancy, dissemination syndromes.

Criteria of eligibility for Satellite Meeting approval

  1. The Satellite Organizer must be familiar with the CSG by a demonstrated history of attendance with presentation or authorship of abstracts.
  2. The Satellite Organizer must complete the Satellite Meeting Application to include the topic or theme chosen for the satellite meeting and a statement of need for the Satellite Meeting.
  3. The must provide a tentative program to include a list of proposed speakers and talks. Satellite Meeting presenters may not present the same abstract at the CSG Scientific meeting.
  4. The Program Committee including ex-officio CSG Board in collaboration with the Satellite Meeting Organizer will be responsible for screening and accepting abstracts for presentations.
  5. Satellite Meeting can be considered the Friday afternoon or Sunday morning, before or after the Scientific Meeting on Saturday.

Satellite Meeting Application